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Dry food products

The specialist for dry foods logistics

An all-inclusive logistics service tailored to the requirements of the food industry

Listening to what the consumer has to say, guaranteeing product traceability, and being able to handle seasonal demands are all part-and-parcel of the requirements that businesses in the food industry have to meet in order to compete in a competitive market.

To meet these requirements, LOGIRIS has developed an all-inclusive and powerful logistics solution.

• 32 000 m² of logistics warehouses situated at the crossroads of the major highways, near to Lyon (Rhône 69) and to Paris (Seine et Marne 77).

• A range of extra services at each site for optimal flow performance and to gain added performance :

- Storage
Management by FIFO (first-in-first-out) and management of Product sell-by-dates, traceability by batch n° and series n° (SSCC)

- Packing
Co-packing, stickering, film-wrapping, assembly and kitting of promotional display stands (Point of Sale Advertising)

- Order preparation
Pallet load, by packages or individually, using hands-free radio frequency identification

- Transport
Mass retail warehouses throughout France delivered by appointment

• Operational software (Magistor ASIS) and a state-of-the-art information system

- data transmission by EDI (Magistor can be interfaced with any other customer system)
- real-time movements monitoring using the Customer Area on Internet : stock status, receptions, shipments
- Radio frequency and optical reading of code barred products entering and leaving stock

Lastly, LOGIRIS has chosen to pursue a policy of transparency by releasing the relevant performance figures to customers who require information on delays, order preparation errors, time taken to process returns,...)

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