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Storage and order fulfilment

LOGIRIS can provide you with a storage and order fulfilment solution from its Paris and Lyon centres (France).

Receipt of Goods

  • Quality and Quantity Control
    Transport company advised of a reserve in the event of nonconformity with information sent directly to the customer.

RFId Radio Frequency Identification for added reliability & speed
Bar-coded products are scanned by operators at goods receipt and at order fulfilment. The data can then be fed into the warehouse management software, which is able to compare stock expected with stock actually held and highlight the discrepancies. 

  • Stock update
    Once the goods receipt is fed into the computer system, the stock is automatically updated and the data passed on to the customer.


Storage on ground or on racks


Flawless traceability
The warehouse management software system Magistor (A-SIS) guarantees flawless tracking & tracing for every sale item:

  • Monitoring by Batch n° and Series n°
  • Monitoring of Sell-by Dates
  • Suppliers, Manufacturers information
  • Movements within warehouse
  • Consignee information

Click here to know more about Magistor (ASIS)

Real-time stock status
You can access your stock status at any time :

  • By means of an Excel file sent by Email
  • By EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • By logging into your Customer area on the Internet.

  • FIFO (First In, First Out) and use-by-date management
    Products beyond their sell-by-date are isolated 
  • Storage optimization according to standard limitations (height, weight & rotation) and in accordance with your specific requirements
  • A full inventory is carried out every year. Stocktaking can be done on a rolling or spot basis at your request.

Order fulfilment 

  • Full pallets, unit picking and packing
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Minimal error rate


  • Printing of shipping labels and delivery orders
  • Loading control
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